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I consider myself a fairly creative person. I don't only do digital scrapbook designing - somewhat recently, I developed a fascination with making bags out of plastic canvas. I actually wanted to re-teach myself to crochet - my grandmother taught me when I was little but the skill disappeared. I got some yarn and crochet needles from my mother-in-law for Christmas, but I am completely befuddled by crochet now. So, I decided to make use of all the yarn I have by making bags out of plastic canvas. Weird, yes... but fun! So, this one is actually my third completed project. The first two were... scary.
The overall view of the bag.  I added my favorite purse-danglies to the sides with little D-rings I stitched into it.
I lined this one with duct tape.  The standard seems to be felt, but felt is fuzzy and I find it difficult to stitch. This bag is small, as you can see by the size of my hand holding it open.  It has room for my keys, my small wallet, and my sunglasses.  I could put other things in it, but I worry about them falling out.  Also, I went back and added a button on the bottom of that flap - it helps keep it closed.
I'm having a lot of fun making these.  I know they're unusual and probably not something anyone else in the world would ever carry, but that's part of the fun!


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