More Plastic Canvas!

I made another plastic canvas purse, and this one I'm actually going to use!  I know these pictures are a little wonky. I'm still trying to get the hang of taking pictures with my cell phone camera!
Of course, it has little spots for my danglies.  The right side is holding my wallet-on-a-chain.
Here's the inside:
It's actually quite hard to see.  It has room inside for my Nook, my planner, a pocket for my keys and glasses, one for my wallet, and one for my phone.  I'll be fixing the bit of loose yarn on the left, of course.
This is my awesome planner.  I actually cobbled it together from about 3 other planners I've had in the past. hehe... I used the cover from one, and inside it has a normal planner refill for the months, notebook paper that came with the original planner, and tabs and folders from a completely different one.  And it's held together with book-binder rings I got at Hobby Lobby.
It's fun making new things out of old, and I think I may try doing more of this!

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