The St. Louis Digi-Gathering

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Today I attended the St. Louis Digi-Gathering (blog here!) and I had a great time! I got to meet a variety of really cool people, including Hummie, Deb the ScrappinCop, Bunchie (Tammy), Virginia of LadyVDZines, Angie Pedersen, BuzyBee (Penny), Nicole of Digi-Designs by Nicole, and a bunch of other ladies who you'll see in the videos if you head over to the gathering blog. Since I'm no longer good with names you'll have to learn them from the video. ;)

It was a lot of fun. Hummie did an excellent job of setting everything up and she made great decorations for the room! She had a little flowerpot for each table and matching nametags, placemats, coasters, and folders full of goodies. I got some wonderful door prizes including a candle, 2 CDs of scrapping goodies, a page of stickers, and then Bunchie gave me one of her prizes, which was a plant that Hummie started from a cutting of a plant belonging to her grandparents. I got to look through lots of albums and see how many different ways there are to put albums together, from 3-ring binders with page protectors to the expensive photobook printing, and even hybrid-style board books with layouts pasted onto them. It was really a learning experience. I hope there's another one next year!

Here is a picture!

Hummie, Amber (Stolen Moments), Penny, Deb, Virginia, Me, Bunchie, Ann, Angie
Heather, Nicole, Becky, and Natalie
(the order might be wrong - unfortunately, I believe I mislabeled the photo)
Nicole and Amber are from Utah and made the trip to Missouri just for this gathering!


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