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It's the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. While my family did not lose any loved ones or close friends in these attacks, I still think it's important to keep it in mind on this day.

Where was I? I remember riding to work with P (we worked the same place and carpooled because to do otherwise would be silly) and we heard something about a plane hitting a skyscraper in New York, and the DJ making fun of the idiot who couldn't drive his plane.

Then we got to work and I had the radio on and they said it had happened again. A couple of people stood up and someone else turned their radio up louder. We all stopped working and listened a bit. There was so much confusion and work to be done that most of us got right back to work. A while later I walked by the door to the conference room to find several people standing there watching the TV, and seeing footage of the second tower being hit.

Then we heard about the Pentagon. Our friend D was working in DC at the time, part of the team working on the new DC Convention Center. I called him to check in and he said they were probably going to be evacuated but they were alright - a relief.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind. Very little work got done and a lot of internet browsing was done for the latest news and photos. When we got home from work we spent the evening transfixed, watching coverage on Fox News and being absolutely dumbfounded. A couple we knew had gotten married the weekend before and had trouble getting home from their honeymoon because of the flight restrictions.

As details emerged over the next few days my world didn't really change much, but that feeling of swelling patriotism stuck. It didn't really start fading until our wedding plans got in full gear, but while the attacks themselves aren't a constant memory anymore, any time I watch the TV news or browse the news websites I'm reminded of it by the political coverage, war coverage, and the occasional personal story that comes up. It's something we'll never forget.


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